Singing Into The Wind

This pair of faces is the very embodiment of the joy of courage, facing all odds with a simple love and joy for each other. Singing against the wind, when the wind is catching their words and flinging them behind, they continue because that is who they are. And their joy is inspiring.

Woven of gray Maine island wool spun directly from the fleece, the cheeks of one and the headdresses of both were dyed with madder root, with touches of indigo-dyed wool wet-felted onto the headpieces. The base of the headpieces is natural black merino wool, and the woven faces are felted directly onto it, in the Zati mask process.

This diptych was exhibited at the International Fiber Biennale in Chieri, Italy. I was invited to participate in this wonderful international show, along with other fiber artists from all over the world.

This mask now resides in the city's art museum, in their permanent collection.